I am a Lilly Pulitzer Collector and lover! I love all things bright & colorful that bring a smile to my face.
When I first started collecting Lilly clothes, it was very difficult for me to know what styles would actually fit me. I am "plus size" and I almost gave up trying to find something that looked right on me, many times. I happened upon a handful of women on Facebook that would share their Lilly Try On photos with others to show what the clothes looked like on, before buying them. When I began buying Lilly clothes I was living in upstate New York and there was not a Lilly store for over 2+ hours. Not to mention, when you are plus size, you seem to always get treated differently when you go into stores to try things on. Especially when it is a brand that is just recently being inclusive of additional sizing.
That feeling of going in places (not just Lilly) and asking for a fitting room is a fear of many people!
I started my Instagram (@LivingLargeinLilly) as a location for myself to take pictures of the fit and styles as I tried them on (at home or in the store for the first time) because I wanted to be able to remember what I could and could not get into. I have lost 85+ pounds in the past 2 years so my weight is and has been constantly changing. My Instagram was meant for me, personally, to be able to go back and say "Ok, this almost worked, so maybe now with 15 more lbs off, it will!" And evidently, others liked being able to see this for reference for themselves as well.
I show the good, the bad, and the AWFUL. Why? No one else does, and it is needed.
I see a LOT of pages with perfectly styled outfits that look wonderful, but no one ever shows the ones that do not, and talk about why.
Well, I do!
I take my style on the go quite often. I review restaurants, beaches, hotels, destinations, and things to do everywhere I go in my Lilly ! See blog posts for some of these reviews of South Florida Living!
- Jen, Palm Beach

Welcome to my Blog. This is my new extension of my LiketoKnow.it and my Instagram. 
I plan to keep it honest & fun so Follow Along!

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- Jennifer
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