09 Aug

This blog post will be a culmination of two different try on sessions that I had. 

These first items were marked down in the Boca Raton, FL store. Some of the SIgnature stores have began marking down some of the items in anticipation of the upcoming "APS" or After Party Sale that Lilly has each Fall, 

Note that the rumor mill is that inventory levels are very low this year and to not expect much from upcoming APS sales. They will have very limited stock in all of the styles. Splash of Pink in Connecticut is having their own Warehouse sale on Aug 12, 2021 (in person shopping only). The reason I note these sales is because if you are looking for items on resell sites, groups, or buying from someone else you know, you need to be aware that asking full price for some of these items is highway robbery (hahaha) because the seller likely got these for much much less. 

So let's go ahead and get started!

Please note that not ALL of the items pictures were marked down and some were still full priced. Review the information under each section for that detail!

The #lillypulitzer #Santanita Shift dress in Print Magnolia Lilac A Little Jelly, this is an XL.
This dress IMO fits exactly like the Harper dress. It is a terry cloth type stretch material. Very clingy, and form fitting. I do not have on my shapewear today 😒 but if I did it wouldn't look so lumpy 😆
I would have preferred brighter colors on this dress as it seemed slightly muted for a #lillydress but overall I still took this home! This was on sale for $109.

#liketkit @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/3jXXt

Next Sale item today, is the #lillypulitzer Margot dress in Print Light Lilac Trunks in the Air.
Let's just be real, a swing dress is always going to be flattering (even not wearing shaperwear). These are probably one of the easiest dresses to wear comfortably and even pair with a cardigan/Tatum (which the Boca Store had some Tatums that would match this on the rack). While they do usually require a strapless bra, you can find some lacy bralettes or even use the good lines booby tape if you aren't a strapless fan. This was on sale for $89.
I have quite a few #Margot dresses and I even wear them year round with a cover up or without. They typically have a fun tassel tie on the back as well that I always like. I got 2 kid matches in this same print today in the Boca Store!

*some #straplessbra options added to the LTK post for this dress as well.

#liketkit @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/3jY22 

Next up, is an item for #LTKfit purposes only. This is the #lillypulitzer#Shaylee Midi wrap dress in Print Resort White Shell Beach. The print is wonderful, the fit of the wrap dress on me, with a larger chest and stomach, not so much. But I want to show how it was on me for others to determine if it COULD fit them!

This is a STRETCH material but the wrap was not going around me at all. This was a 16, however it was going on more like a 14 IMO. This was on sale for $149.

Make sure to note my measurements in my bio for reference.

#LTKcurves#LTKsalealert#liketkit@liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/3jY4y

Next #LTKfit #tryon is the #Maleka maxi in print Multi Tropical Punch.
This has built in bra cups in the dress and is smocked in the back of the dress for a little extra "up top room". This dress is not on sale currently.
I don't think I would go without a bra with this dress bc there was not any support under the cups to help everything stay In place. The tie shoulders also allow for you to tie and change the shoulders, so you shouldn't have any gapping issues under the arms or "side boob" areas. Overall it was a cute dress, it was a little snug for me in the mid section, but if it were in the next APS sale I would probably buy it.
*after post note* My husband has decided he likes this one from everything else I tried on today so it MAY be coming home with me. We will see.
#lillytryon #lillyhaul #lillytryon #lillytryons #lillylover #ilovelilly #livinglargeinlilly #lillywithcurves #plussizelilly #plussizeinlilly #plussizelife #plussizefashion #LTKcurves #LTKstyletip #liketkit @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/3jY6A

The #lillypulitzer #Sailynn set/dress in Print Prosecco Pink Beachy Blooms. Note: This is a size Large. I ordered an XL that should be at my house this weekend but had not tried this on at all, the Large was all the Boca Store had. This dress is not on sale, but I did get it in an XL sent to my house.
This is a 2 piece SET. However I have the skirt pulled up just under my chest, and then the top wrapped over the top of the skirt so that they overlap. This outfit truly is beautiful in person. While I need to work on my midsection, I likely won't be wearing it out just yet... but I will be keeping my XL nonetheless. I was very scared this was not even going to remotely work, so I was pleasantly surprised by this today.
#LTKfit #LTKcurves

#lillytryon #lillyhaul #lillytryon #lillytryons #lillylover #ilovelilly #livinglargeinlilly #lillywithcurves #plussizelilly #plussizeinlilly #plussizelife #plussizefashion #summerinlilly

#liketkit @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/3jY8g

This is the Branson button down top in print Resort White Metallic Clip Rayon Voile paired with the Madison skort in print Shell of a Party (for try on purposes only, I would not pair these together to wear I don't believe). This top is very smooth and flowy, almost silky feeling, & slightly see through. It has small gold metallic dots on it as well. It would pair well with the palazzo pants. These are both size XL. The Madison skort is very stretchy in the waist and has plenty of room. I do not typically grab these over my luxletic skorts however, bc I think in South Florida where you sweat a lot that the luxletic material just fairs better.

*The skort was on sale today. The top was not

#LTKcurves#LTKsalealert#LTKstyletip#liketkit@liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/3jYaL

Now this is a work to evening dress all with the snap of a button🤣 (swipe to see)
This almost came home with me today, but didn't.
This is the Isella wrap dress in Print Prosecco Pink Seaing Things. This is an XL. Note it is buttoned at the top and if you want to see how low cut it is unbuttoned be sure to follow on Instagram @livinglargeinlilly and swipe to see all photos for #LTKfit
This dress had plenty of room and was also very stretchy. The sleeves were very flowy as well. This is was I call a faux wrap... the front skirt ties to the side but the dress goes over your head and is connected. The length is good for WORK also. This is slightly longer, so if you're wanting to wear it more places this may be the style for you. The print is very bright in person also.
This dress was not on sale, but I am waiting for it to be.
#liketkit @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/3jYd9

This is the #Jesse Romper in print Multi Shell of a Party. This is a size 16, and in my defense I already knew this was not going to fit when I took it to try it on today. These Rompers run small, the shorts underneath not only ride up but bc of my height they are WAY too short. Full disclosure This is not even zipped. But it was on the sale rack and well... maybe you're shorter than me and don't have a postpartum belly and it will look wonderful on You!
The straps dug into me, the skirt was WAY too short, and it was not even zipped so.. it did not come home with me today. It was on sale today for $114.

@liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/3jYg1

First of all, no these pants do not go with the top, but I wore these pants in today These are the Luxletic Weekender leggings in Print Running Wild and I love them.
The top was the #tryon today. This is the #Lana top in print Prosecco Pink Seaing Things.
Again, this print is fantastic and very bright pink. The sleeves I did not realize were a Smock type, to keep the sleeves in place I am assuming. I did not dislike nor like this. But I will say I much prefer this over a bell shape sleeve any day. This is a true off the shoulder shirt, I tried to pull it up on my shoulders but then the rest of the shirt looks odd and pulls in places. I have tagged some #straplessbra without an underwire options on #liketkit
This ended up coming home with me today even though I told myself during the try on I would wait for it 2nd hand/APS sale. They kept telling me at checkout to add 1 more thing for the gift with purchase. Let me just tell you all, the gifts with purchase have been horrible for the past few years. Once upon a time they had things like a standup paddle board for the gift, now, it's bags and brushes!

#LTKcurves #lillytryon #lillyhaul #lillytryon #lillytryons #lillylover #ilovelilly #livinglargeinlilly #lillywithcurves #plussizelilly #plussizeinlilly #plussizelife #plussizefashion @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/3jYjF

This was on sale today, the #Karina top in print Pink Blossom Suite Views. This is a #ChillyLilly UPF50+ Tunic top. This was on sale today for $99.
These tops are a lot longer than the normal Lilly tops. Note this comes down all the way below my hips. It is a "tunic". So if you like longer tops that also have sun protection, here you go! This Suite Views print has been one of my favorites for awhile. Ultimately today I decided I would rather have the zip up in this print instead and this got left at the store today. This is a XXL, and I needed an XL also.
#LTKcurves #LTKfit
 @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/3jYmV


This sale item came home with me today. This is the #Leona round hem full zip UPF 50+ jacket in print Pink Blossom Suite Views. This is a size XXL for your reference. If there is a round hem on the popovers or jackets, they run smaller! This was on sale today for $89.
This is a material like the Madison skorts not like the Meryl material like the Karina top/Meryl skort. I know it can be confusing because most of the time the UPF 50+ feels like a swimsuit type material, but this one is not like that. I got this to have for cooler evenings (although we don't have many of those) and also for Travel purposes. I like to throw on leggings and a zip jacket like this bc depending on what airport you are at, TSA can and may ask you to take off any top layers, and the full zip is much easier than an over the head pop over. #LTKcurves #LTKfit
#lillytryon #lillyhaul #lillytryon #lillytryons #lillylover #ilovelilly #livinglargeinlilly #lillywithcurves #plussizelilly #plussizeinlilly #plussizelife #plussizefashion #liketkit @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/3jYpH

This was all tried on in the Boca Raton Lilly store inside the mall. They have really great fitting rooms that are all nice sizes and in general they will help you if you ask. it really just depends on how many people they have in the store. They tend to all be congregated around the register to check people out and steam clothing to put away. But you can usually find larger sizes at this store when you go. 

I hope this try on post helps someone!



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