13 Jul

First and Foremost Welcome to my Blog! 

If you follow me on Social Media you know that I show the good, the bad, and the awful. Why? Well, because not many people do. When I was first looking for help with buying Lilly clothing, everyone was a size 4 or smaller and only posted about the pieces that looked fabulous on them. Note: Just because it looks fabulous on someone else, doesn't mean it is going to look fabulous on you. But, that can also be reversed. Something that looks awful on me and does not fit at all, could fit you perfectly.  I post how things look and fit so other woman can reference it and hopefully find something they love (while not wasting money on things they can tell won't work for them after seeing it on someone). 

So here we go. These were my Summer Collection Try Ons and Notes on each piece. 

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Firs up, is the #Addilyn in print Bermuda Blue Tropical Swirl Eyelet. Size XL (Get it here)
So, let's see where to start.
I have this style dress in the wish you were Here print and it fit better than this one did.
This fits even larger in the top (as in it would never have stayed up) and tighter across the waist/midsection. It also puffed out at the hips and made my hips look even larger than they are.
There is too much white IMO, there needed to be even more of the blue eyelet so there is not so much white. I would be afraid to wear this and get stuff on it within minutes. Not to mention, this would have to be a true "summer dress" bc of the style and colors.
The hot pink balls are cute ...on the hanger. On me it looks like I'm trying to be a cat toy for a room full of cats. #catlady
This I think looks much more juvenile than the Wish You were Here print did . Maybe the last print just helped hide the tightness across the midsection, I'm not sure. The young lady helping me today told me this dress looks cute on everyone and everyone has been buying it... I hope it works for yall.
This stayed at the store today for me. 

Next up, I had high hopes for the #Billie Maxi Dress in Print Prosecco Pink Seaing Things, size XL (Get it here).
1st let me cover that the print is bright and pretty but this style in a maxi is not the same as the shorter version IMO.
Because this is longer, it actually fits tighter across the entire midsection. I found this dress to be clingy and also make me look about 9 months pregnant.
The armholes are still larger but you cannot size down now because the rest of the dress fits tighter, instead of how the original Billie is more of a swing dress fit.
I took this off bc I looked more pregnant in this than I did anything else today. #no

If you are hearing circus music by looking at this photo, you're not far off from how I felt in it. 

This is a "meh" in my mind.
This is the #Byrde top in print Multi Tropical Dot Clip and the #Lorena Breezy Palazzo pant in print Sea Glass Aqua Rainforest Retreat.
Both in XL. (Get the Top here, and the bottoms here).
The pants are too long but honestly fantastic otherwise. Lots and lots of stretch and room in them. You may even be able to size down in the pants. But unless you're 5'9 you're going to have to get them hemmed to be able to wear them without dragging the ground. The top...awful. It was way too tight across the chest and in my stomach area. I felt like it looked clownish...like I should be the entertainment at a children's party. It was a HARD no.

The new #Annora Skort in print Raz Berry Sea you Soon (Get it Here).
This was the only thing in this new release that I thought I would want. This is an XL. And it has plenty of room. The shorts stay put nicely. I was not a huge fan of the luxletic top, also an XL. But it makes my chest look enormous. And was too clingy. I like loose tops. Can we get one of those?!
The top is a Renay Active in Purple Iris. It was the only thing the store had out to match this Skort . I think it would look better with a darker purple or the hot pink myself. The Skort ended up coming home with me but the top was left behind. I will likely wear this skort to Disney since it is comfy, the shorts stay in place, AND it is the luxletic material so even all sweaty you cannot tell !

Maybe the biggest fail of the day. The #Charlee Tunic Dress in Print Zanzibar Blue Fish Kiss, size XL (Get it here). 
The buttons were not going to even remotely stay closed so if you have a larger chest, this dress won't be for you.
I thought the midsection of the dress was going to be loose, ha...um, no. It was skin tight across my stomach. But good news for those looking for a maternity dress....it may work for you. There was some stretch but not a lot. Length overall was good, but it was not for me. 

The @lillypulitzer #Louisa dress in Print Papaya Punch Metallic Stripe cotton clip.
This is an XL (Get it Here).
First let me say I actually liked the metallic gold in this and the color is wonderful, but my belly is too large for this style...it just is. If this were made looser I would be all about this dress but ..nonetheless, it is a dress for people without a belly. It also made my chest look even larger in person. The length was shorter as well, so 5'5 and over this will feel a little shorter on.

The #Dannette Sweater in an XL in print Papaya Punch Sunny Intarsia. I did not feel Sunny in this sweater. It was very soft and felt nice ....but I felt frumpy and like something was wrong with my chest bc of how the word sat going across the sweater.
I am only showing it to you all for your own reference on the sleeve length and what it looks like on a chest. I love this Papaya color...but u fortunately nothing in that color worked for me today.
(Get it Here)

I wore the Lorina Swing Dress for my #OOTD today. 

I will keep posting new collections and additional try on photos to this blog for #plussizefashion and my #plussizelife !

Hopefully this helps someone find some items that work for them!

See yall soon!



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