12 Sep

Ok yall the boards are blowing up with people that seem to not know what to do! So here we go - pay attention - and read all of the below! 

Remember the sale is not ALL items. It is typically Past releases that they still have some sizes in. This sale I see items from 2 releases ago (the Lele Sadoughi prints, Turtle Szn, and prior).

Shop Lilly Pulitzer NOW!

❤Go to your Sig store TODAY if they are participating in the sale. The full list of participating stores is available on Lilly website. BUT please note that some of the other stores may ALSO be participating (call them and ask! or just show up!) They ALSO mark down items that corp doesn't. True story. So you could snag something up that others aren't even offered. Point: it is worth the trip to just go 👀 

Note that the stores often just put out totes labeled with a size and you have to dig around. Be kind and courteous... don't mix up items or throw items down somewhere if you decide to not get them. Dressing room lines will be long. Be prepared to stand and wait for awhile. I typically wait almost 2 hrs to get inside stores during the sales. Be first if you CAN but note when you go in and they do not have your size on the rack or in the bin, it COULD bc in the dressing room area and come back out, so take a peek and see.

🧡Start checking all of your favorite Lilly websites starting tonight (and some now even) for if they have updated their SALE section. Could be called Styles we still Love or LAST CHANCE etc. Some stores will go ahead and take those items they will have available and SHOW YOU what you can get and what sizes they have in advance. You may or may not be able to checkout now.

💛Know your sizes. If you need a size reference on an outfit... I likely have tried it on and you can scan this feed for fit notes and thoughts on the item. Go ahead and study up now so you're ready to checkout!

💚Some signature stores will ship for free over a certain amount. So you can still get free shipping by calling or shopping their sites and often the individual stores will have more in L and XL than the Lilly website on sale day. If your state has a higher tax rate, this is also a way to potentially save some money on the taxes !

💙Checkout any item you FOR SURE WANT before continuing to shop online. Why? bc by the time you go checkout it's likely not going to be in your cart anymore bc other ppl snagged it up! 

💜Refreshing your browser does not affect your line spot. It goes by browser and cache (true story) just don't close your browser bc you will have to start all over in line. 

❤Opening your browser at midnight does not ensure you will be first in line. Open the browser just before 8 am. 

🧡There will not be many L and XLs this year..don't be heartbroken. Check the online boards, eBay, mercari,  and poshmark a few weeks after the sale to see if anyone decided it was a fail for them. Note the sale price, you will pay more but don't go cray!

❤Don't forget about kids in the sale. A lot of people are ONLY there for the kids items and they go fast! Buy future sizes and keep them. I always buy Xmas for my nieces too.

 🧡Don't forget about accessories.  If there was a bag, shoes, or earrings you were coveting this past season go get them!

 💛Don't bank on receiving EVERY item you order. This is important. If you're buying a family matching set for photos this holiday season... don't be surprised if not all the pieces make it. The warehouse is notorious for being "off count" on items and some items never ship bc they do not have it. So if you think you're going to get all the bridesmaid dresses and order 10 and receive 6.. I told you so!

💚Screenshot your order. Even if you logged in to order. Systems crash, and Lilly has crashed before.  Note the LOGIN I just stated.  If you do not have an account go create one now, and be ready to login tomorrow. 

💙Don't open multiple windows thinking one will open I line before the other, and don't bank on the Lilly app as your only source. It crashes more than the website. You CAN login your phone and then your tablet/computer and wait but typically they both open at the same time or within a few minutes of each other and if you are idle on either it will open up to other people anyway

💜Orders do not ship "in order of checkout" or "together from the same order"...I'm not over operations and  logistics at @lillypulitzer or it would be a smoothe well oiled machine  mmmk. They need someone new in Supply Chain (so of you're looking I'd be happy to take that over) bc it is a hot mess. 

❤You CAN buy multiple sizes of the same item to see what fits better but remember NOTHING from the sale can be returned.  So be prepared to resell it yourself if it doesn't work. 

💛Even if your favorite store is NOT participating in the Sunshine Sale. ASK THEM if they will price match an item. If they day No you're not losing anything anyway. Always ASK! Also note Zappos, Amazon, Saks, AND Nordstrom will also mark down items (and often beat the Lilly direct price). BUT don't shop around before you checkout!  Also note that a LOT of stores will make their online sale active after they close on the first sale day, or at midnight.

💚If you missed out on any GWP items that you REALLY wanted. Make sure you look for them at the signature stores sites specifically during the sale. They will list those with a PRICE now. 

💙Typically AFTER the sale is a new release of new items and prints. Including new STYLES. Keep that in mind before spending ALL your money BC ... pay attention.. The corp site AND the signature stores are known to send our a $20 - $100 savings for shopping the sale to help you shop the NEW RELEASE after the sale! 

💜Remember to check back on the corp website throughout the sale. They DO add styles to the sale!

🧡Have Fun. Try new things. Buy Gifts. But do notttttttt buy everything with an intent to "flip" or "resell" it all for a profit (yes I know ppl who do this and it makes me grit my teeth everytime I see them post!) The Lilly community talks. Trust Me. It may work for a few times and then people will not buy from you out of principle. You're not a savior for buying it all from other people to offer at an increased price to others. K? Mmmk.
Hope this helps some people! #livinglargeinlilly #lillysale

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