08 Sep

First I am going to point anyone that has no clue what to do, where, when or how to my original blog post all about the ins and outs of the Sale! 


So if you're new, go there first! 

Second, if you do not have an account set up online go to the link below, and set one up Now! And even if you do, go and check that you remember the login!



Here is a sneak peek at what will be available during this year (2022) Fall Sunshine Sale (formerly the APS - After Party Sale).

My advice!

Plan accordingly.  

Don't forget accessories.

Buy for littles as well.

Stock up on Swim and Coverups.

Get in virtual line early.

Don't dilly dally.

Remember that just because you checkout doesn't mean it will arrive at your door.

Shop Signature stores first! You'll get it faster.



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