13 Feb

United Lounge Feb 2022 - DC Terminal C Lounge 

Ok yall I have had people asking me to start writing about my traveling tips and do and don't list for awhile now. 

So I thought I would start with Airport Lounge. Now, not all airports are created equally. If you fly often you know that every airport has its positive and negatives list. 

BUT That being said I'm going to cut to the chase. I prefer Delta over United any day of the week. My husband and I get delayed on ever single United flight we have ever been on, they lose our luggage, we pay for first class and have a SMALLER seat that any other airline "main cabin". The last flight I was JUST on, we had to exit the plan via stairs on the tarmac outside.

I told my husband "we are an hour and a half late to DC and outside multiple gates away and the other flight is finishing boarding now". We have a stuck on Superbowl Sunday at the DC Airport waiting on the 2nd flight we were offered as a "replacement" - 6 hours later.

I have been sitting in the United Club Lounge ANGRY. There is no hot food. Only bags of chips, cheese, and sandwiches that look (and taste) like they have been sitting out for days.

(These were the smallest seats with no room and even my head hit the ceiling of the plane. I am 5'7)

It is the day before Valentines day and super bowl Sunday. This Lounge was $59 PER PERSON to come into. Yes ... and for...What???

The bathrooms are not clean. The food is old. And there is no sound on the TVs.  The bar is limited (compared to ever Delta Lounge I have ever been in) as well. Delta Lounge usually gives nice bug glass cups, United is small blue water cups for soda. 

If you're paying for United access, please help me and explain Why?

I have Delta SkyClub access with my Amex (check out the features you get here: http://refer.amex.us/JENNIjfLHI?XL=MNACP

Disclaimer: That is a referral link to American Express and may have an offer for my audience depending on when you read this article. 

Moving forward, Delta Sky Club has HOT food. I'm talking meatballs, pasta, specialty rice and beef, fruit, sandwiches, dessert, a FULL bar! They even come around often and offer my kids ice cream. FULL ice cream bars. 

Delta comfort and first class seats are MUCH larger. I cannot stand for someone to sit right on top of me. Planes have gotten away with making people do this for far too long. I think we need seats to go back to being large and comfy with leg room!

I also while have gotten delayed on Delta before I have NOT been delayed with lost baggage like this flight with United. 

My husband is NEVER allowed to book travel again. 

Drinks I needed after this ordeal. 

When in doubt CHOOSE DELTA everything over United! 

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